Welcome to the 6th Annual
Monterey Bay Jade Festival 2025

The 3rd Annual Georg Schmerholz Jade Carving Exhibition info click/tap here

Friday June 13 • 12pm – 6pm
Saturday June 14 • 10am – 6pm
Sunday June 15 • 10am – 4pm
Custom House Plaza • Monterey State Historic Park

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Over 45+ vendors from around the world with the one of the largest selections of Nephrite & Jadeite for sale in North America.

List of 2023 Vendors

Carving Tools
Rough & Blocks
Wind Slicks

Ocean Cobbles
River Cobbles
BC & Yukon Nephrite
Wyoming Nephrite
California Nephrite
Guatemala Jadeite
Russian Nephrite
Burmese Jadeite

The 3rd Annual Georg Schmerholz Jade Carving Exhibition

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The Monterey Bay Jade Festival is proud to continue our annual Jade Carving Exhibition named after master sculptor and jade artist Georg Schmerholz.

This supportive exhibition is open to jade carvers of all skill levels ranging from those establishing themselves in the jade carving community to those with decades of experience in jade artistry. The exhibition is a safe, supportive effort for every artist to exhibit their work, receive valuable feedback from their peers, and to receive validation for their works by participating in one of the world’s few annual international jade carving exhibitions.

In 2023 the MBJF raised $16,500 to help support the children of the Big Sur Coast.

We gift net proceeds to the following schools that serve the children of Palo Colorado, Big Sur Valley and the South Coast of Big Sur for their programs of greatest need.


Captain Cooper School – Parents Club

MBJF donated $5,500 in 2023


Big Sur Park School

MBJF donated $5,500 in 2023


Pacific Valley School

MBJF donated $5,500 in 2023

Click map for directions.

Map to 2023 Monterey Bay Jade Festival

Take a firsthand look at the 2024 MBJF Festival with this video by Jewels of the Trade

Scenes from the 2023 Monterey Bay Jade Festival

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Vendor List & Map

01 Kirk Brock – Rock Solid Jade
02 Kenny Comello – Big Sur Jade Company
03 Justin Barrett – Just in Jade
04 David Clayton – Gems & Jade
05 Stuart Scally – Jade to Gem
06 Dave Smith
07 Dave Smith
08 Food Booth
09 Food Booth
10 Mike Lee – Gemstone & Co Ltd
11 Luke Miller – Yax Tun
12 Luke Miller – Yax Tun
13 Wilson Lai – Jade & Crafts
14 Jeff Shaw
15 Jim Strand – In Stone
16 Jason Salter – Salty Jade
17 Ken Mcleod – Suiseki
18 David Seefelt – David’s Coastal Collections
19 Fred Menezes – Ocean Made Big Sur Jade
20 Sherry Brajcich Stuckey – Dreaming Owl Barnyard
21 Dillon Carr – Jade Coast Jewelry
22 Sandra Mendoza – Jade and Jewelry
23 Clay Breitweiser
24 Janette Boudreau – Shades of Jade
25 Al Zelenak – The Lander Jade Company
26 Lockie Kellogg – Primarily Jade
27 Greg Larsen – Premier Wyoming Jade
28 Greg Larsen – Premier Wyoming Jade
29 Mathew Grzincic – MG Creations
30 Ryan Spangler – California Jade Carvings
31A Bob Scholl – Really Old Rocks
31B Georg Schmerholz
32 Josh Robertson – JR Jade
33 Jesse Stout – Mayan Mountain Inc
34 Roger Krichbaum – Yukon Jade
35 Tom Finneran – Jade Bones
36 Marina Shoupe / Jim Kelly
37 Marina Shoupe / Jim Kelly
38 Sabrina Wyatt – Sólshine Silver
39 Stephen Sednek – Siberian Jade
40 Billy York – Nathans Body Art
41 Mike Burkleo – Revelations in Stone
42 Shane Zach – Freshwater Jade
43 Andrew Hamstra – Morro Bay Mercantile
44 Chad Lloyd – Ridgetop stoneworks
45 Nathan Wall – Salish Sky Jade Works
46 Monterey Bay T-Shirts
47 Marco Mazza – Mazza Jade Works
48 Allan Spehar – Jade Divers
49 Raymond Schulz – Lasco Diamond Products Inc
50 Bob Carmen