Event Volunteers for the 2024
Monterey Bay Jade Festival

Volunteering at the Jade Festival

Thank you for your interest in helping with the 2024 Monterey Bay Jade Festival. Our needs range from Security to Facilities Maintenance—there are plenty of jobs we need your help with!

Some of our volunteer tasks include:
-Set up and Break Down
-Vendor Assistance
-The Jade Exhibition

Helping BEFORE the Festival:

In the months leading up to the Festival, fundraising is a priority. If you have a passion for fundraising or connections to business owners or organizations who may help our cause, please sign up for fundraising. We need Event Sponsors and Donations to raise money for our 2024 beneficiaries.

Helping AT the Festival:

Volunteers will wear a staff vest at all times, and help with needs as they arise. In addition to walking the event and providing a visual presence, we need help with everything listed above, as well as any curve-balls we encounter along the way. Volunteers will be divided into teams. If you’d like a specific assignment please indicate this on your sign up.

Our focus is to ensure the safety and security of the event, with the intention of providing both vendors and guests with an enjoyable experience. This festival is a welcoming space where we can celebrate Jade Culture at the same time as we give back to the community.

If you have any questions, comments, or perhaps you have a super-power not listed here, feel free to reach out to the volunteer coordinator at MBJFvolunteers@gmail.com

The Monterey Bay Jade Festival will provide each volunteer with an event T-shirt and refreshments during the event as a thank you for assisting us.

See you at the Festival!

Please click on this link to download and sign the volunteer form waiver

Volunteer Information Needed

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the form below and indicate your preferred time slots.

Volunteer assistance categories
Friday 6/7
Saturday 6/8
Sunday 6/9
We welcome student volunteers! If you will need volunteer hours documented for work or school please check this box
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