The 2nd Annual Georg Schmerholz Jade Carving Exhibition

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The Monterey Bay Jade Festival is proud to continue our annual Jade Carving Exhibition named after master sculptor and jade artist Georg Schmerholz.

This supportive exhibition is open to jade carvers of all skill levels ranging from those establishing themselves in the jade carving community to those with decades of experience in jade artistry. The exhibition is a safe, supportive effort for every artist to exhibit their work, receive valuable feedback from their peers, and to receive validation for their works by participating in one of the world’s few annual international jade carving exhibitions.

This event offers the jade community the opportunity to view the elegant craftsmanship of jade artists throughout the world in a variety of different types of jade. Each work will be judged by the participating artists based on stone selection, artistic design and execution. Artist recognitions and awards will be announced at the Annual Friends of Jade Dinner on Saturday evening.

The Jade Carving Exhibition takes place at the:

Stanton Center at the Custom House Plaza
(the former site of the Dali Museum)

June 7th – June 9th
FREE admission